Smart, articulate and experienced –

that was the impression we got when we first met the management team at Bancorp Financial Services in Vancouver, B.C. A member of their senior management team was aware of a branding and website project we had lead in Edmonton that so impressed her, she asked to meet with us to discuss the potential of their company rebrand.

Once we met with them, we were confident we could help them with the challenges they faced. Part of what makes them good at what they do is the fact that they are a group of leaders, but sometimes that is the very thing that makes it difficult for an organization to agree on the elements of a rebrand, or the scope of a new website. Fortunately we know how to navigate through that challenge and lead them through several group and one-on-one discussions to help them focus on their “authentic selves.”

Bancorp was at a strategically significant point in its history: it was structurally reorganizing itself with a “changing of the guard” while bouncing back from the 2008 downturn, and it was intent on immediately becoming more competitive on the retail investment side of its business.



At the same time, Bancorp recognized some realities that had taken root since it last considered its marketing profile and discovered that several inaccurate perceptions of the company existed. Some potential borrowers felt that Bancorp was too expensive for them to consider. And with the financial crisis of 2008, some of Bancorpʼs funds had suffered difficulties, which made planners wary of recommending additional Bancorp funds. Other potential clients perceived the company as being stodgy and behind the times – mostly because its website was very outdated.

Bancorp wanted to redefine its image and promote itself as a strong contender for retail-level investors. It wanted to be perceived as not only reliable, but energetic and ahead of the curve. A trustworthy and nimble leader who embraces change.

In short, Bancorp wanted to present its more contemporary, youthful qualities to potential customers without abandoning its results-driven reputation for integrity, dependability and tenacity.

Odvod recommended a branding strategy that communicated these core attributes through the use of a new brand identity that communicates Bancorpʼs vitality and energy while respecting the firmʼs solid reputation. The brand ID included a new logo and tagline, stationery and a more robust website.