Steeped in history, yet not a typical “stuffy” law firm.

That’s what we observed from the moment we stepped off the elevator into the Bishop and McKenzie reception area and throughout our first meet and greet with several of the firm’s lawyers.

Bishop and McKenzie’s new website committee was well prepared and knowledgeable – expressing their desire for the following outcomes through the redesign of the firm’s website: stronger branding and positioning (without modification of visual identity); a tone of voice congruent with the firm’s personality; the creation and collection of compelling images; an emphasis on recruitment; and compliance with best practices for SEO and W3C standards for site development and build.

Lawyers, by their very nature, are strongly opinionated. The only thing their team could initially agree on was that their firm was “different.” They value excellence in their work as a team while upholding respect for people. It’s a personable law firm. And therein was the challenge. How could we convey the essence of their brand – the personality of their firm – in just the content of a website?

We met their candor and passion with an idea to use video on their website. At the time it was not commonly done and at first they were reluctant. After all, they’re lawyers, not actors, and the real challenge would be to shoot video that was genuine and not fraught with stilted sentences and stiff speakers. But, they saw true value in the approach and we set to work.

The key to video is a combination of great camera and sound work combined with excellent direction and ruthless editing. We peppered short video and photography throughout the website to successfully support and reinforce the content – including a series of images shot in iconic Edmonton and Calgary locations to convey the fact that Bishop and McKenzie is Alberta-grown with nearly 20 areas of practice throughout offices in both major cities.

The website was launched on time and on budget – helping to establish a tone and personality which has since successfully carried over into other mediums from advertising campaigns and marketing collateral to merchandise.