Taking the conversation online.

Enrich Canada is a franchise of Prepare-Enrich – an American-based company providing tools for counselling professionals and clergy to identify and inventory strengths and weaknesses within couples relationships. These tools can be applied to all types of couples, engaged, married or common law, with varying family dynamics, sexual preference, etc.

When they approached Odvod nearly 15 years ago, this first-to-market organization had grown stagnant and was at risk of market share decline. Their competitors were advancing – offering significant technological advancements to save operating costs and provide business efficiencies while Enrich Canada’s operations saw Scantron output with tremendous time and efficiency disruptions at high cost for return postage.

Odvod led the charge and brought change to both Canadian and American markets by creating and deploying new ways to conduct business in the sense of modernized technological offerings with increased time and cost savings. This allowed for the brand to remain relevant with changing adopter markets (increasingly savvy audience of younger couples) while allowing the organization to become more economically viable – with couples testing and inventory housing now performed online within the context of a newly designed website.



Odvod also provided marketing assistance in communicating the vast array of inventory options offered by Enrich Canada to both counseling professionals and/or clergy as well as to the couples referred to them.

Through this strategic work, Odvod successfully enabled Enrich Canada to reposition their services to their existing base of professional clients while capturing a new online audience of couples seeking relationship guidance without having to go through more traditional channels.

Following a very successful growth period within the Canadian marketplace (with the American division adopting systems shortly after), the Enrich Canada brand is currently in maintenance mode with regular web updates, emailers, etc. and a yearly brand review.