Art Breaks Our Heart

One of the qualities we’re most proud of here is our versatility. Members of our staff all have expertise in one creative field, but many are forces to be reckoned with in others, too.

We love that about our colleagues, even when it opens doorways that demand to be walked through.

Randy Hayashi has been a vital element of Odvod Media since the beginning, as our graphic designer and, at one time, our business partner. His illustrations and designs animated our projects and his mentorship and calm enriched our workplace.

However, as these samples from his extracurricular work attest, Randy is also an exceptional painter. After five years of working a flex schedule in order to pursue his vocation, Randy has decided to dedicate all of his time to painting.

Despite our wistfulness, we are pleased for Randy and proud that our creative hothouse has nurtured him so.

As we bid him adieu in mid-October, we invite everyone to explore more of Randy’s work and keep abreast of his art exhibits at

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