The New Guy

As everyone knows, starting a new job is intimidating. You usually don’t know anyone and you never really know what to expect. Most people expect the worst — a first day where you’re forced to buy everyone coffee. From Colombia. And grind the beans by hand in a dimly-lit sub-basement. Or, conversely, you fear you will spend your first week reading dusty historical tomes or mountains of papers about the work you will be doing.

Not here. Here, I got right down to it. Since my first day, there has been no shortage of writing, copyediting and proofing.

Oh, and who am I? I’m Davin, the new writer/editor/word nerd here at Odvod. I’m an Alberta boy, a MacEwan grad and a fan of The National, Frank Turner, Teenage Bottlerocket and Jeff Lemire.

Although I’ve got some big shoes to fill (I haven’t met Helen, but she seems wonderful based on everyone’s reviews), I look forward to writing for Odvod and its clients. You’ll be hearing from me every once in a while as I do my best to keep this blog regularly updated. Hopefully I’ll be hearing from you, too.

So keep checking the blog – I’ll bring you all sorts of things from the world of Odvod and beyond.

For now, though, I have to go — Jodi just told me to go get coffee and handed me a plane ticket.

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