Cale Chips in at Odvod

Our ranks are filling in here at Odvod. Introducing… Drum roll please… Our new resource co-ordinator, Cale Waterhouse!

Originally hailing from the thriving metropolis of St. Paul, Alberta, Cale brings marketing knowledge and a sharp eye for details and aesthetics to the House of Odvod — something there’s never too much of.

Aside from being a freelance makeup artist for bridal, editorial and film, she also just happens to be a classically trained vocalist (but she fits more into the jazz or blues genres, so don’t yell “Free Bird!”).

Like most people, her favourite movie is Sister Act 2: Back in the Habit and her favourite TV shows are “Mad Men,” “Homeland,” “Friends” and “Modern Family.”

If she’s spreading something on toast, it’s likely the classic peanut butter and jelly… Or an amazing hazelnut nougat spread she’s only ever found at the New York Bagel Café.

 We’re super jazzed to have Cale become an Odvodian — she comes a very close second to the puppy.

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