Doughnuts and Social Media: A Winning Combo

Many organizations spend thousands upon thousands of dollars attempting to figure out how to use social media to their advantage. Meetings are held, gurus are brought in and tweet upon tweet is sent into the Internet ether.

Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. That tweet you’ve spent so much time and energy on and waited for the perfect moment to send out may not get picked up. That quick, four-word-one-hashtag statement you put out there may be liked and commented the most.

It’s never an exact science. Take our most popular tweet of the past two weeks, for example.

A simple tweet about how Chris brought doughnuts into work and we loved him for it. But it was instantly favourited and brought us into a stellar conversation about doughnuts with a local radio station.

The tweet is a perfect example of one of the keys to successful social media — universally relatable topics.

It’s crucial for your social media presence to be in line with your brand. In our case, we’re a marketing and branding agency. We’re professionals with a depth and variety of talents.

But we’re people first, and from the construction site to the corporate boardroom, people love treats at work.

It’s crucial for your audience to know that there are real, doughnut-loving people behind your social media presence. It brings a human element to your brand.

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