Embrace Your Business’ Size and Succeed

On our recent Internet outings, we stumbled across an article titled “Seven tips to make your business appear bigger.”

Aside from the title being obvious link bait, it does contain solid advice from Fleur Madden and most of the tips are useful for very small startups (aside from six and seven, six being sorely misguided and seven could be condensed to “just lie”). The title, however, is misleading and a bit disingenuous.

Take it from a little place that gets a lot done — you don’t need to appear bigger. Just think bigger and always strive for that next exciting project, that next awesome client.

Feel free to “talk yourself up,” as the tips proclaim, but be honest when you’re doing it. Referring to your one-person operation as a “we” is straight-up lying. Admitting, “Yep, it’s just me, but I can get it done,” is honest and confident.

If you can’t get it done on your own, you don’t have to go overseas. If you source your work from local professionals, you’ll develop long-lasting relationships fuelled by a shared love of your community and a zeal for your work.

That’s why we love Edmonton so much — it’s an exciting place to be right now, one full of brilliant, motivated people. Startup Edmonton and the Edmonton Research Park are worth checking out if you’re considering making your own way and seeking space and connections.

In short, be small but powerful, like a Newfoundland dog or Manny Pacquiao.

Talk impresses nobody. Good work impresses everybody.

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