Bon Ton’s ‘Obsessively Good’ just got passionately better

Congratulations to Bon Ton Bakery’s new renovation and complete makeover. After a lot of hard work and many long hours spent dreaming of how to improve on something that’s already obsessively good, they’ve exceeded all expectation!

Everything from the logo to the storefront, and every square inch of retail space has been renovated and redesigned. Even the parking lot got a facelift. But don’t worry, everything that made Bon Ton great has not changed — Hilton and Michelle made certain of that. They simply added a few new ideas to the mix.

So what’s changed?

The bread is baked fresh in the morning, the desserts are still as delectable as ever, but they now offer fresh coffee and gourmet sandwiches (pre-made for people looking for a quick delicious lunch). Also, all the display cases and the layout of the store were redesigned to get people through those Saturday morning line-ups even faster. The bakery even got a few new upgrades like an industrial freezer and cooler to offer more space for their long fermentation breads.

Visit Bon Ton’s Facebook page for the before and after photos. Plus, there are a few new items that are now available like the Raspberry Cloud Cake and the Heritage Sourdough (the latest addition to Bon Ton’s forty-hour fermentation bread selection).

Great job, Bon Ton and congratulations! Way to live up to your reputation of being Obsessively Good.

Your friends at Odvod Media.

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