When you work in an old building …

When you work in a creative industry such as marketing, it sometimes helps get the creative juices flowing by being surrounded by artistic inspiration. Nothing breathes character and storytelling like the ambiance of a building approaching its centenary birthday!

But with exposed brick walls, warmly creaking floors and the architectural charm of our converted office comes other .. erm, “perks”. More specifically, furry perks. No, I’m not talking about our resident office dogs, Fynnley and Freddie (although their presence can be very therapeutic and calming in an otherwise busy and hectic day).

These furry perks have been known to skitter across the floor at a rapid pace and crawl back into the teeny cracks and crevices in the brickwork and beneath the stairs where they’ve found refuge from the rain. Seems that mice also thrive in a creative atmosphere.

So what does one do when you have unwanted mice in your space? Why, hire a cat, of course! And as luck would have it, we recently had one such applicant that comes with impeccable references and a stellar resumé:


Wonder if she would need the full benefits package, too?

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